Inhaling the Scents of an English Summer


Florence Robson


Scent has the power to be both transformative and transporting, evoking past memories and buried emotions. From the rich, earthy smell of rain falling on dry soil (known as petrichor), to the comforting aroma of your favourite meal bubbling on the stove, or the perfume of a beloved relative, certain fragrances soothe our nervous system and lift our mood. In fact, certain scents can be so powerful that they’ve been used by aromatherapists for thousands of years to do everything from ease anxiety to promote better sleep.

During the summer months, English gardens and lanes are filled with familiar fragrance, as a wide range of flowers burst into bloom. 

Whether you pile them into a vase to brighten up your home, inhale the heady fragrance on a countryside stroll or admire the blooms in your garden, take some time to yourself this summer to celebrate the best of British flowers and take a moment to indulge in some DIY aromatherapy.

“A well-planted English garden in summer will be a riot of colour, texture and scent.”

Why you should buy British flowers

Did you know that the majority of flowers on the high street today will have been grown by large-scale commercial growers and shipped internationally? Buying British flowers not only allows you to celebrate each season but also cuts down your carbon footprint and supports local growers. What’s more, many imported flowers are bred to be scentless, as scent attracts pollinators and pollination can shorten the life of a flower. Choose from the wide variety of British cut flowers, foliage and plants available to take advantage of the gorgeous fragrance – which, after all, is half the joy of buying blooms.

The flowers to seek out this summer

A well-planted English garden in summer will be a riot of colour, texture and scent. From velvety roses and delicate sweet peas to fluffy peonies, elegant lilies and bold sunflowers, there should be an abundance of flowers to draw the eye – and nose. And don’t forget aromatic herb gardens: herbs thrive at the time of year, with popular annuals like basil and coriander sitting well alongside stronger perennials, such as mint and thyme.

Some of our favourite summer scents have long had their own traditional uses in aromatherapy – and we turn to many of them for use in our signature fragrances. Below are some of our personal favourites at this time of year.


Stop and smell the roses is more than just a metaphor! Rose oil is used in aromatherapy and beauty treatments to nourish the skin and calm the mind. 

Why not try: Moroccan Rose


These delicate purple flowers have a sweet yet grassy scent and their oil has been used for centuries to comfort sensitive skin and reduce stress, particularly during times of grief and loss.

Why not try: Mimosa


Invigorating and refreshing, the oils in peppermint have been used holistically to treat coughs and colds, soothe headaches and clear the mind.

Why not try: Chilli & Mint


With a scent like a fresher, more citrusy rose, geraniums are long-time favourites of gardeners. The oil is thought to have a calming, grounding effect that helps to lift any sadness and anxiety, and is also often used to help with congestion.

Why not try: Orangery or Amber


Famously relaxing, lavender is one of the world’s most familiar and beloved scents. Try a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow before bed for a deep and restful night’s sleep.

Why not try: English Lavender

True Grace Fragrance

Treat yourself to one (or more) of these fragrances to bring the British summer inside for the inevitable rainy summer days and reap their positive effects on your mood and well-being.


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