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In our Essence of England series, we speak to values-aligned creatives, entrepreneurs and familiar faces from across the South West about their lives, work and what ‘Englishness’ means to them.

Liz Earle MBE wears many hats. One of the world’s leading wellbeing entrepreneurs, she is also a bestselling author, speaker, TV presenter, podcast host, campaigner and mother of five. Yet despite these wide-ranging professions and skills, there is a common thread that runs throughout her life: her belief in the power of the natural world.

Her father was a keen gardener who taught Liz how to grow seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as therapeutic plants. His knowledge and appreciation for nature and the power of botanical ingredients made a lasting impression on her and continues to shape her approach to wellbeing to this day. 

Liz started her writing career as a beauty writer for Woman’s Journal, where she was encouraged to write her first book, ‘Vital Oils'. Today she has written over 35 books on beauty, nutrition and wellbeing and her new Book, ‘A Better Second Half’, will be released in April 2024. 

We caught up with Liz to learn what inspired her to write about health in midlife and beyond and the role scent plays in her personal wellbeing practice.

I want to encourage and inspire all women, regardless of age or stage in life, that it’s never too late to make a difference – if you know how.”
— Liz Earle

What does wellbeing mean to you? 

Looking and feeling well, whatever your age or stage of life.

What role does the natural world play in your own approach to wellbeing?

Most of what I advocate comes from the natural world, from getting outside early in the day to see the sunrise, to grounding barefoot on the grass for a few minutes each day, to focusing on breathwork and cold water dips (or showers!).

Tell us about your new book. What inspired you to write about health in midlife and beyond?

Midlife is such a time of hormonal change for women and it can be a real challenge to navigate our shifting hormones with children leaving home, career changes, increased care of elderly parents, the possible breakdown of marriages or relationships and more. Unfortunately, midlife women too often go unheard or ignored by both the medical profession as well as society, so I want to redress the balance here. Far from becoming ‘past it’, this is our time to thrive, not just survive. I want to encourage and inspire all women, regardless of age or stage in life, that it’s never too late to make a difference – if you know how.

How do you use scent in your personal wellbeing practice?

I naturally gravitate to uplifting and refreshing citrus scents in the morning, with body washes and lotions. If I’m feeling in need of a mood lift, I’ll vaporise some lemon balm as the clinical studies for this scent lifting low-mood, anxiety and depression are pretty sound. I’m also never without my lavender essential oil and a few drops sprinkled neat onto my pillow is the last thing I do at night, every night.

How do you incorporate sustainable principles into your business?

As a publishing company, we go to great lengths to use sustainable paper sources and eco-printing methods. More broadly, we focus much of our content around issues such as regenerative farming, covering topics like grass-fed beef and dairy, and we promote sustainable, ecologically-sound brands.

What should be on the agenda for a weekend in your area?

I love walks along the coast by Sandbanks and visiting Stourhead to stroll around the lake and watch the changing colour of the leaves each season. The Newt in Somerset is also a highlight, especially their Roman villa and tree-top walkways. My children love the Newt activities followed by speciality pizzas at The Chapel, also in Bruton. I also love fire-pit suppers at Pythouse Kitchen Garden near Tisbury, as well as popping into Compton McCrae in Semley to buy cheeses and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

What does Essence of England mean to you?

Loyalty, trust, traditional kindness and solid values.

You can find out more about the world of Liz Earle Wellbeing here. And you can pre-order Liz's brand new book "A Better Second Half: Dial Back Your Age to Life a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life" here.

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