Manor Collection



Our Manor collection feels like a trip to a historic manor house and lets us explore luxury, decadence and even mystery through twelve complex and intricate fragrances inspired by grandeurs past. The beautifully smoked glass only emphasizes the opulent feel of the candles, diffusers and room sprays and makes them a great addition to your own castle.


Nº67 a bowl of mandarins

The captivating perfume of citrus has released the instant the fruit is peeled...
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Nº31 amber

A warm and seductive fragrance for the evening. Lemon and bergamot, mixed sensuously with jasmine, lavender and violet. A velvety base no...
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Nº102 at the circus

Fond memories of hand-painted wagons, ecst View Fragrance

Nº51 black lily

A garden at night, the evening air full of heady...
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Nº42 blackcurrant leaves

In the garden, bushes are laden with ripening bl...
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Nº71 cabinet of curiosities

A collection of extraordinary objects, favourite keepsakes from our travels far and wide are all carefully stored in this ancient cabinet...
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Nº45 curious

An eccentric mixture of masculine leather tones ...
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Nº69 english garden

Rain on fresh green lawns. Sheltering under the majestic cedar tree. Memories of garden parties and afternoon tea. Basil, black pepper an...
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Nº1 fig

Sensuous sweetness, velvety texture and deep colour are all recalled in this warm fragrance. Musk and cedarwood balance lighter cassis...
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Nº82 gardenia

Treasured in the nineteenth century and entirely contemporary, this timeless and intoxicating scent is a bright floral blend of jasmine, ...
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Nº23 green fig

Summer evenings sitting in the garden surrounded by flowers. A good meal with friends and plates piled high with fresh figs.
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Nº6 jasmine tea

A deep and sensuous aroma with a heart of black ...
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Nº35 library

Walking into a library with the scent of leather...
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Nº36 orangery

A Victorian orangery sh...
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Nº12 orchard

The freshness of crisp apples and a glimpse of t...
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Nº68 portobello oud

Where it all began for us. Memories of our candl...
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Nº32 sacristy

The stillness and beauty we found in an ancient chapel. Wooden panelling with years of beeswax polish, leather-bound prayer books, pillar...
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Nº94 smoked plum

An autumnal harvest, purple plums ready to be picked from the tree. Leather, tonka and a hint of smoke capture the memory of a bonfire on...
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Nº27 wild lime

A citrus fragrance that is immediately stimulati...
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