True Grace



The village is at the heart of rural life and this
collection reflects the best of the English countryside: beautiful, memorable
and honest. The perfumes in this collection are a tribute to simple country


Nº1 fig

A warm and seductive fragrance for the evening. Lemon and bergamot, mixed sensuously with jasmine, lavender and violet. A velvety base no...
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Nº2 moroccan rose

The rambling rose outside the cottage door, a flower pressed into a scrapbook. Floral notes and woody base tones become the memories of t...
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Nº92 cedar and rose

On the bough of our ancient cedar tree hangs the swing. The perfect place to enjoy the english roses. Still dewy, in the garden.
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Nº5 rosemary and eucalyptus

A classic herbal mixture of woody rosemary with earthy and fresh eucalyptus. A touch of frankincense, camphor and cardamom add to this ex...
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Nº6 jasmine tea

We capture a deep and sensuous aroma with a heart of black tea and bergamot, accenting with some jasmine to bring a floral top note to th...
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Nº11 white tea

We have added to the refreshing qualities of tea with a hint of bergamot and lime, the softness and warmth of rose and vanilla
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Nº23 green fig

Late august evening sitting in the garden surrounded by flowers. A good meal with friends and plates piled high with fresh figs.
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Nº26 seashore

A bracing walk on the cliff tops and the light- headed feeling of being by the sea with the wind blowing a gale. A scent balanced with ge...
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Nº27 wild lime

A citrus fragrance that is immediately stimulating and yet warm and comforting. A balance of citrus, with herbs and amber. A memory of fa...
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Nº36 orangery

Fashionable since the 17th century it is known for its wonderfully relaxing properties. Citrus notes with deeper fragrances of geranium, ...
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Nº43 cinnamon and clove

In autumn, favourite garden fruits are picked and preserved for the coming winter. Spices of cinnamon and cloves add a glow of warmth and...
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Nº55 garden rose

In a sheltered corner of the walled garden, a rose blooms against the old stone. Hints of geranium, jasmine and wood.
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Nº73 english meadow

As english as a meadow in summer. Tall grass and drifts of wild flowers run down to willows framing the mossy banks of a little stream.
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Nº78 bergamot

A botanical print of the bergamot orange hangs in the kitchen. The rush of citrus fragrance released when cutting the bright fruit a remi...
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Nº89 rainstorm

A sudden downpour stops, the sun casts light through the clouds and the earth releases an intoxicating scent. The charming english weathe...
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Nº91 chesil beach

On the beach, watching the changing skies, sun bleached pebbles and driftwood. A tang of salt and fresh seaweed. For a moment you are alo...
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Nº96 cedarwood

The majestic cedar stands in the garden. A makeshift swing hangs from a large branch, rocking in the gentle breeze. Notes of sandalwood, ...
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