True Grace


Walled Garden

Fragrant herbs, lovingly-tended vegetable patches, warm glasshouses and trees heavy with sun-ripened fruit are the inspiration for this collection - an ode to the English garden. Six cheerful fragrances - poured into aluminium containers and available in room sprays, candles and toiletries - invite you to leave everyday worries behind, relax and day-dream.


Nº1 fig

Nº8 english lavender

Walking through rolling banks of lavender in full flower, a haze of deep purple in the hot sun. It soothes and relaxes, enriched with ger...
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Nº9 stem ginger

Warm and honeyed with a citrus edge to cut throu...
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Nº12 orchard

The freshness of crisp apples and a glimpse of t...
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Nº17 vine tomato

Walking through a warm greenhouse in the summer, tomatoes slow ripening and becoming plump on the vine. The scent is leafy citrus deepeni...
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Nº20 lemon tree

At the manor house, lemon trees are neatly planted out in Versailles boxes and lined up in the warmth of the conservatory. Acid yellow fr...
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Nº28 wild mint

The refreshing scent of a crushed sprig of mint ...
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Nº36 orangery

A Victorian orangery sh...

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Nº68 portobello oud

Where it all began for us. Memories of our candl...
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Nº69 english garden

Rain on fresh green lawns. Sheltering under the majestic cedar tree. Memories of garden parties and afternoon tea. Basil, black pepper an...
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Nº78 bergamot

Nº82 gardenia

Treasured in the nineteenth century and entirely contemporary, this timeless and intoxicating scent is a bright floral blend of jasmine, ...
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Nº91 chesil beach

On the beach, watching the changing skies, sun bleached pebbles and driftwood. A tang of salt and fresh seaweed. For a moment you are alo...
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Nº92 cedar and rose

On the bough of our ancient cedar tree hangs the...
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