The story behind our Walled Garden collection


Florence Robson


The fragrant scent of herbs drifting from beds. Lovingly-tended vegetable patches, brimming with colourful produce. Warm glasshouses and vines creeping up brickwork. Our Walled Garden collection takes its inspiration from the most British of settings: the classic enclosed gardens found in the grounds of country estates.

"The collection was inspired by memories of exploring various walled gardens throughout our lives..."
— Roger Biles

Our favourite walled gardens

“The collection was inspired by memories of exploring various walled gardens throughout our lives, rather than one garden in particular”, explains Roger Biles, Co-founder of True Grace. “However, [Co-founder] Philippa and I have always loved the kitchen garden at Pythouse, which is only down the road from where we live.”

Built in the 18th Century, Pythouse is a classical country house based west of Tisbury in South Wiltshire. The kitchen garden now acts as a thriving restaurant and events venue, with guests encouraged to wander amongst the greenery and immerse themselves in the sensory pleasures of the plants, fruits and vegetables growing there. 

The walled garden of some close friends also comes to mind for Roger as a particular favourite. “It was the Victorian ideal of a walled garden – red brick winding paths, an orangerie growing tropical fruits, flourishing vegetable patches and a vast shed smelling of soil and full of tools.”

The starting point for the Walled Garden collection was its distinct aluminium containers. “I love the utilitarian rawness of aluminium as a material”, says Roger. “We wanted a contemporary, cleaner look that would look at home in many different interiors.”

Created in the UK to a bespoke True Grace design, the aluminium tins were inspired by the practical, industrial aesthetic of the humble tool shed. The candle tins come with a lid so that they travel well and can also be washed out and used as a storage tin once the candle has burnt down. The aluminium is also easy to recycle.

“We wanted to emphasise the honest nature of the material by taking a minimal approach to packaging and selling the candle in its tin, without an additional box”, explains Roger. “Our ultimate goal was to offer the high-quality True Grace products our customers expect at an accessible price point.” 

The Walled Garden range was later expanded to include hand wash and home scents, both available in aluminium bottles with minimal packaging. The bottles and candle tins can be refilled at True Grace’s Warminster factory.

The scent of a garden

The fragrances in the Walled Garden collection were inspired by the cheering scents you’d commonly find in an English garden. Beloved favourites like Vine Tomato, Stem Ginger and English Lavender are joined by Garden Rose, Lemon Tree, Orchard and Wild Mint.



English Lavender

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Vine Tomato

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