Care Tips for your True Grace dining candles


Florence Robson


Help your True Grace dining candles to burn brighter for longer with these care and safety tips.

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Storing your dining candles

Keep your dining candles in a cool, dark place until you’re ready to light them.

Positioning your dining candles

Make sure to place your candles on a sturdy surface away from heat. Don’t put them above a fireplace or a radiator or in direct sunlight, or group them too closely together, or the wax might begin to melt.

Everyone looks more attractive by candlelight so don’t be afraid of overdoing it! As far as possible, keep candlesticks above the eyeline so your guests have a clear view of each other. Try alternating dining candles with pillar candles and tealights for a magical glow. 

Fitting your dining candles into candlesticks

Make sure your dining candles fit your holders correctly. If they’re too big or the candle feels unstable, dip the end of the candle into a cup of boiling water to soften the wax before you push it into a holder, or use our sticky wax to secure it.

We don’t recommend melting the bottom of the candle as this can get messy very quickly!

Ensuring an even burn

True Grace dining candles have been designed to burn evenly right down to the end of the wick, without excessive dripping. However, for best results make sure your candles are perfectly vertical and aren’t standing in a direct draft.

There is no need to trim the wicks before lighting as they should be self-trimming.

Extinguishing your dining candles

There are a number of safe, effective ways to extinguish your dining candle. The traditional method of licking your fingers and pinching the wick works well but for more cautious types, we prefer using a pin, skewer or snuffer to dip the wick quickly into the liquid wax and retrieve it. Don’t attempt this with only your bare hands!

Keep your eyes peeled for a bespoke True Grace dining candle tool, coming soon.

Using up any leftover wax

Don’t throw away your dining candle stubs; they make brilliant fire starters. In fact, we create our own fire starters from recycled wax left over from our traditional candle making process.

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