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Essence of England | True Grace

In our Essence of England series, we speak to values-aligned creatives, entrepreneurs and familiar faces from across the South West about their lives, work and what ‘Englishness’ means to them.

Lynne Franks

Lynne Franks has assumed many roles throughout her life: marketing guru, equality campaigner, radio journalist and coach, to name a few, as well as mother and grandmother.

During her long and successful career in PR, Lynne positioned the UK as a world fashion leader by initiating London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Awards. She has championed women’s rights everywhere from rural South African villages to the boardrooms of brands like Tesco and McDonald’s.

Now in her eighth decade and living in rural Somerset, Lynne has become one of the UK’s leading life coaches, focused on feminine models of leadership.

As well as developing and running her Power of Seven coaching courses, Lynne has launched the SEED Hub Club, a community for women looking to grow professionally and personally, and hosts the Frankly Speaking Podcast.

We caught up with Lynne to learn more about the Power of
Seven, why community living is the future and what inspires her about the English landscape.

You’ve influenced the awareness and spread of many societal trends throughout your career. What shifts are you observing in our present day society?

There is an ongoing movement towards community models of
leadership, much of which is women-led. In the wake of disaster it’s always the women who lead the recovery in their families, neighbourhoods and countries.

I think we’ll move increasingly towards a circular economy
and a different way of operating at every level. Even the largest multinational companies are having to introduce (or at least appear to introduce) more caring and environmentally-friendly policies and approaches because their stakeholders are demanding it.

The shift has started but there’s still a way to go.

“A feminine approach to business is about collaboration over competition.”
— Lynne Franks

What role will feminine leadership play in the move towards a kinder, more sustainable world?

A feminine approach to business is about collaboration
over competition.

Post-Covid, there is more support for small businesses, both online and in-person, many of which are run by women. Women tend to control the household budget and those who can afford it are increasingly choosing to spend it in line with their values.

What is the Power of Seven programme?

The Power of Seven is a programme that I’ve been developing over the past few years.

It is structured on three levels: me, we, us. We work individually at first (‘me’) on personal growth, self-confidence and wellbeing; then work as a ‘pod’ of seven women collaborating on a project, such as a
community initiative (‘we’); and then these pods are networked up to share their experiences so that we can all learn from each other (‘us’).

The entire programme is based around seven archetypes, which we all have within us. These are Seed Sower (creating the vision); Alchemist (turning dreams into reality); Storyteller (sharing your narrative); Sky Dancer (creating networks and partnerships); Space Weaver (the artist and creative); Medicine Woman (protecting the wellbeing of the self and others); and Wisdom Keeper (holding energy and safeguarding values).

These may be ancient archetypes but they are still relevant to the modern world. A Storyteller could be sat around a campfire or they could be an expert on social media.

“There’s something gentle about nature in England”
— Lynne Franks

Why did you fall in love with Somerset?

The whole of the South West is stunningly beautiful. I lived in California for five years and in London but I feel like I was always on
my way to this part of the world. There’s something very ancient about these lands that I resonate with. I feel like this is absolutely where I’m supposed to be.

What should be on the agenda for a weekend in your part of Somerset?

You should definitely spend some quiet time being nurtured in my seed garden, which is open to anyone staying here or people who want to drop by for a healthy vegan meal in our café. You could even book a coaching session with me while you’re here!

I live in Wincanton, which is fifteen minutes from The Newt hotel and gardens, five minutes from the Hauser & Wirth art gallery in Bruton, 25 minutes from Glastonbury, and 15 minutes from Stourhead. So, if you come here as your base, you are spoiled for choice in terms of day trips and places to walk.

What does ‘Essence of England’ mean to you?

For me, it’s about the land: the history of it, the ley lines, the changing seasons, the beauty of nature itself. There’s something gentle about nature in England which I just love.

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