For the person who is always out in the fresh air…

Give the gift of the outdoors with scents that evoke lazy days spent in the garden - from a ripe tomato plucked from the vine to a mint leaf crushed between your fingers.

Our Recommendations

English Garden 200ml Room Diffuser £60.00
Vine Tomato Room Spray £22.00
Wild Mint Hand & Body Lotion £20.00
Wild Mint Fragrance Sample £3.75
English Garden Small Candle £45.00
English Garden 200ml Room Diffuser Set £88.00
Vine Tomato 20cl Candle £28.00
Wild Mint Hand & Body Wash £18.00
English Garden Hand & Body Lotion £39.00

Fragrances They'll Love

No.69 English Garden

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No.17 Vine Tomato

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No. 28 Wild Mint

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