True Grace

Burlington Collection

Inspired by the historic Burlington Arcade in Mayfair, London, this range combines the functionality of quality materials with a striking and elegant aesthetic. Simplistic and modern, yet honouring the old-fashioned chic of the Arcade, the range comprises six magnificent fragrances in hand-blown amber glass vessels. From statement teardrop glass bottles to silky toiletries to candles and room sprays - the Burlington collection truly has it all. 
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Burlington Christmas 250ml Room Diffuser Refill £38.00
Burlington Christmas Tin Candle £22.00
Burlington Christmas Small Candle £35.00
Burlington Small Candle £35.00
Burlington 250ml Room Diffuser Refill £38.00
Burlington 200ml Room Diffuser Set £80.00
Burlington Room Spray £35.00
Burlington Medium Candle £60.00
Burlington 500ml Room Diffuser Refill £70.00