Wedding Scents Guide

Looking for a sumptuous backdrop to your big day? We have hand-picked some of our signature scents for our wedding scent guide to help guide you on the perfect aroma for your nuptuals. Discover a bouquet of scents to find the perfect pairing for your special day.

Floral Scents

If you are looking for a traditional wedding scent our floral fragrances are the perfect match. Roses, orange blossoms and gardenias have been wedding flower favourites for generations and have featured in many a famous bridal bouquet. Scent your ceremony or reception with the fragrances below for a bright and sparkling atmosphere that will make all your guests swoon.

Moroccan Rose

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Fresh Scents

Are you thinking of an outdoor wedding or at least want the feel of one? Get inspired by a selection of our fresh scents, which are wonderful for a less conventional and airy feel. Seashore and Chesil Beach are gorgeous for a post beach wedding reception and Green Tea and Citrus will make any outdoor lovers heart beat faster.


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Chesil Beach

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Green Tea & Citrus


Summer Scents

Incorporating seasonal details into your wedding is a great way to make the day more unique and fun. Don’t stop at seasonal flowers, why not integrate a fragrance specific to the time of year as well? Below are some beautiful scents for a Summer wedding. Whether you would like to go for a classic like lavender, a fresh fragrance like mint or a juicy and bright apple fragrance, we have got you covered.

Luxurious Scents

You feel that florals for a wedding are ground-breaking and fresh scents don’t really do it for you either? Go for one of the decadent woody scents below. Our woody Portobello Oud is one of our best-sellers so it is no surprise that it has also become a firm wedding favourite over the years! Black Lily offers a beautifully exotic gourmand fragrance with plenty of vanilla. Want to go woody but not overdo it? Our Amber has the right balance of spice and freshness.

Our Fragrances

Want to discover more of our fragrances? Browse our compendium to explore our full range from stimulating citrus scents to full bodied herby scents and seasonal favourites. We have something for all tastes just waiting to be discovered.