True Grace

Room Diffusers

Add a constant breath of fragrance to your space with our refillable room diffusers. Inspired by Victorian apothecary bottles we once stumbled upon in an antiques market and paired beautifully with natural or black reeds. When positioned atop a mantlepiece or showcased on your desk, a diffuser will fill a room with a constant warmth and atmosphere for up to 10 weeks. Our scented reed diffusers contain 20% fragrance – the equivalent of a ‘pure perfume’.

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Smoked Plum 250ml Room Diffuser Refill £38.00
Fig 200ml Room Diffuser Refill £25.00
Sacristy 200ml Room Diffuser £55.00
At The Circus 200ml Room Diffuser £50.00
Fig 250ml Room Diffuser Refill £38.00
A Bowl of Mandarins 200ml Room Diffuser Refill £30.00
Cinnamon & Clove 200ml Room Diffuser £40.00
Burlington 200ml Room Diffuser Set £80.00
Cedarwood 200ml Room Diffuser £40.00