True Grace


The Village collection reflects everything that we love about the English countryside: beauty, simplicity and honesty. Twelve nature-inspired fragrances are held by clear glass which accentuates their purity and blends perfectly into the brightest and most minimalistic of homes. This collection holds a special place in our hearts and we are sure that its candles, diffusers and room sprays will enchant you as well.

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Moroccan Rose Classic Candle £34.00
Moroccan Rose 200ml Room Diffuser Refill £25.00
Moroccan Rose 200ml Room Diffuser £40.00
Moroccan Rose Fragrance Sample

Sold Out

Moroccan Rose Scented Leaves

Sold Out

Moroccan Rose Roomspray £24.00
Moroccan Rose Home Candle Workshop Refill £33.00
In Love With Rose Gift Set £88.00
Moroccan Rose Classic Candle Refill £22.00