True Grace


We all should do our best to be kind to the planet. Our refills range has been designed to give a new lease of life to your current candle jar, diffuser or toiletry bottle. Our refills range now includes candle, diffusers, toiletries  & workshop refills so you can refill more & more of our range whilst minimising un-needed waste. 

Our Manor & Village diffuser refill bottles are made from 100% recycled material and all refills packaging is 100% recyclable too.

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Fig 200ml Room Diffuser Refill £25.00
Smoked Plum Small Candle Refill £18.00
Sacristy 5 Litre Hand & Body Lotion Refill £170.00
Chesil Beach 5 Litre Hand & Body Wash Refill £145.00
Fig Small Candle Refill £18.00
Wild Lime Classic Candle Refill £22.00
Jasmine Tea 200ml Room Diffuser Refill £25.00
Blackcurrant Leaves 200ml Room Diffuser Refill £30.00
White Tea 200ml Room Diffuser Refill £25.00