True Grace

Classic Candle & Refill set

For a limited time, we are offering you the chance to buy any one of our Classic Candles plus one Candle Refill of the same fragrance for a set price. We are offering this across 12 of our Classic Candles and Classic Refills. 


  • 1. Simply add one of the Classic Candle & Refill products to your cart.
  • 2. A candle refill of the same fragrance will automatically be added to your cart.  (please note: this product will say 100% off and appear as a separate product in your cart. This is so you are only charged the set price for the candle & refill set. You will receive 1 x candle and 1 x refill).
  • 3. Proceed to checkout. 


Please note: you will receive 1 x classic candle and 1 x candle refill of the same fragrance only. 

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Black Lily Classic Candle & Refill Bundle £45.00